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Getting Started

When is Bingham Cup 2024 happening?

Bingham Cup 2024 will happen from May 23rd to May 26 in Rome, with the opening ceremony kicking off on the 22nd of May. We can't wait to see you there!

When will I be able to register myself to the tournament?

Registrations will open by the end of September 2023. Prices and tiers are already shown in the Tournament section, but we are also working on some cool packages options!

Can I volunteer for helping out?

Of course you can! Head over to the Volunteers page and send over your information in order to register your interest in volunteering for Bingham Cup 2024!

What's the tournament take on lowering the carbon impact?

We're very sensitive in terms of lowering the CO2's emissions. For this reason, we are pursuing the path to take the ISO20121 certification, which certifies an institution that strongly fights the lowering of CO2's emissions.

Rules & TLC

When will the rules and the TLC come out?

We aim to pubblish everything by the end of October / beginning of November

What's Bingham Cup 2024's take on transgender athlethes inclusion?

Thank you for asking! Rugby is an inclusive sport by definition and we don't want to exclude anybody from it. For this very reason, we are allowing for the first time ever, on a Bingham Cup, to participate to transgender people!

Do I need to have an insurance?

Players and staff are requested to show valid proof of an active insurance. The tournament will not take responsibility for players or staff members without it and will block those from participating, with no possibility to ask for a refund

What about accessibility?

We are working hard with our Rugby Union to understand all the needed adjustments, and then implementing them, in all the BC2024's venues.


Are you planning to have merchandising?

YES! We are starting the initial drafts for the various merch and more will be shared later this year or at the beginning of 2024

Which kind of merchandising will you sell?

In terms of merchandising, we are planning to have rugby balls, t-shirts, polos, kits. These are just an initial idea and we'll plan to have more!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! Reach us out via the contact form to arrange Although probably the best option for you would be to pick it up at the competition 🙂


Are there going to be social activities?

Absolutely! From the 20th of May to the 26th of May, Rome will have lots of activities, events and parties, depending on the agreements with the local suppliers, all dedicated to the IGR's community and the LGBTQIA+ one. You'll find a city ready to party for the biggest inclusive rugby event, worldwide!

I've never been to Rome and I'd like to have a tour. Will you offer any services?

We are looking to sign a deal with some associations that offer tours for the city. More info as soon as we have them!

I'm interested in sponsorshing this event. How can we get in contact?

Please head over the Sponsors section to get started, or write to president@binghamcup.com

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